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Created by Exam Toppers, Experts and Top Faculty across the country. Comprehensive course material updated with latest exam patterns

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Video lessons, Course eBooks, Topic wise Tests, Adaptive Tests, Mock Tests & Remedial Material on weak areas – all of which can be used anytime, anywhere

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Extensive range of high quality mock tests with thousands of questions and their solutions, as per latest exam pattern. Complete set of practice tests needed for all exams

Analytics for Instant Feedback

Compare your All India Standing. Study smart with shorter study times through adaptive practice & in-app recommendations. Remedial practice sessions based on your weak areas

Customized Study Planners

Intelligent Planner creates a personalized study schedule based on syllabus, important topics and time available. Track your progress & upcoming tasks

Live Group Practice Sessions

Fun & engaging group study and practice sessions help you collaborate and compete with friends in live sessions in a game-like environment

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